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Demons surprised by bruce exit

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving says he's been dealing with back and hip issues that forced him out of Thursday's game against the Miami Heat and he told the media Wednesday that he expected to be available for Game 3.

Irving was on Cleveland's practice floor earlier Wednesday, which he said was not because of any injuries.

"My whole body was sore. I didn't eat anything but left for training after the game," Irving said. "I went back and looked in the mirror. When I stood up, everything was fine."

Irving said he knew the injury -- which he said was sustained on a play with 7.7 seconds left in the fourth quarter -- could have a huge impact on him as he was expected to start Sunday and was in fine physical condition during the pregame warmup.

"I was pretty sore and it just looked weird," he said. "But it didn't affect my game, so I guess that's all that counts."

It took Kyrie nearly the entire second half to come on, but he says he wasn't sure how long he could hold off from getting in some practice time. And Irving is aware that playing in this position probably puts more strain on the back and hip issues, since he was unable to take off after going through the bench.

The injury also likely puts a damper on the Cavs' hopes of improving the team's defense and that of the Miami defense, whose star is expected to miss the game with the soreness.

"I hope I can get it looked at as being more or less a shoulder injury than anything else," Irving said. "It could be something else."

Cavaliers coach David Blatt indicated to reporters Thursday that Irving will play, though Blatt said nothing about his game status.

"I can't say the same thing for other players. I don't want to say anything about other players until we know," Blatt said. "I just know that he's going to take care of himself. He's not going to be out there until he feels fine."

Blatt declined to comment about why Irving's status is uncertain.

Irving said he was "not sure" what exactly he suffered, but he said he could feel pain in his right hip that had yet to be detected.

"There was a little pain but I'm not sure," he said. "There's a couple of things that happened. I don't know what they were. I think they're just something that goes away pretty quick."

Irving did not take any medical red flags upon walking back onto the court during Thursday's session.

Cavaliers assistant head coach Tyro

Early winter sales boost national retail figures

Crowdsourcing firm Nielsen is forecasting that online sales in Canada grew 7.1% in 2017, despite the fact that many of the nation's online shoppers, who purchased over $25 billion in goods in 2016, are still buying in the face of uncertainty.

"The trend in online sales continues to accelerate as consumers turn to websites, mobile applications, and social media for their information and purchase needs," said Chris Anderson, Senior Vice-President, Digital Media Strategy, Nielsen. "The rapid growth in online commerce is showing no signs of slowing as more consumers seek to find and buy in-store at retail and online."

For retailers, this trend is due to the increasing number of people shopping online and the increasingly attractive product offerings online.

"While more people are shopping online as opposed to using their phones and tablets, their purchases still go to the retailers that have to deliver them through their channels," Anderson said. "On the other hand, a substantial portion of online purchases continue to go through brick-and-mortar retailers. In 2017, Canadian brick and mortar shoppers spent more than $3 billion on sales, and more than $2 billion per week."

New entrants like Snapdeal and Shoppers Drug Mart will likely find it difficult to gain a foothold in these retail sectors. But while they will be competing against brick-and-mortar players, retailers will have a difficult time competing with online retailers, including Amazon.

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